The Global Bridge program provides you with an opportunity to obtain college credit from Crown College while you minister with Students International (SI).

Note: The academic elements of the program are separate: Tuition costs are paid directly to Crown and in-country expenses are paid to SI.

2017 Program costs

(2018 Program costs will be available in January 2018)

Tuition (through Crown College): $333 per credit. Students take a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

In-country expenses (through Students International): $6,500 per semester ($13,000/year). This includes room, partial board, language school, excursions, in-country transportation, and travel insurance. (Students are able to fundraise toward this amount.)

Airfare: Typically $700-$900 per flight. Students will pay for two round-trip flights – one in the fall, and one in the spring (students spend Christmas break at home). (Students are able to fundraise toward this amount.)

Meal Stipend: Typically $500-$700 per semester. Students will use this money to cover food expenses for breakfasts and lunches (during ministry site weeks) and weekend expenses (during language school weeks). This should be considered separate from money for discretionary spending (see below).

Books: Textbook prices vary, but they typically cost students about $100 per course (many are available electronically).

Discretionary spending: Most living expenses are covered in the costs outlined above. However, items such as entertainment, extra travel, eating out, etc. fall into this category and will vary widely per student. SI recommends about $500 per semester ($1,000/year) for spending money.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test fees: $80 per test for language credit (optional).

Laptop: A laptop with Microsoft Office is strongly encouraged for online coursework.

Summary of costs
Tuition & In-Country Expenses (yearly total)


In-country Expenses:


$5,994-$7,992 (18-24 credits)



Other Expenses (yearly total)


Meal Stipend:


Personal spending:

CLEP test:


$1,400-$1,800 (two round-trip flights)



$1,000 (varies)



Costs are comparable to four-year public in-state universities and significantly less than most private Christian universities.

While this is a significant amount of money, it is quite inexpensive for a private Christian college experience and is a terrific investment for your future. The cross-cultural elements, built-in discipleship, language acquisition, leadership development and other unique features of the Global Bridge program will add depth to your life experience and resumé.

Costs are subject to change.

For Crown College expenses:

Tuition is due prior to the start of each semester (mid-August and mid-January).

For Students International expenses:
Payment timeline

As ministry plays a significant part of the Global Bridge program, you will be able to fundraise to defray costs of the in-country expenses and airfare. SI will provide a detailed fundraising packet as part of the pre-departure process. In the past, students have raised an average of $3,000-$9,000. Because it is not guaranteed, you should view fundraising as supplemental rather than a main source of funding. SI will issue a tax-deductible receipt for money fundraised and donated to SI. Fundraised money is not refundable because it is a donation and not a payment.

Financial Aid

Most students who attend Crown are eligible for some form of financial aid to cover their college tuition costs. Details are available through Crown College. An Admissions Counselor will walk you through this process.

Students International refund policy

Once you pay your initial deposit, SI will begin working with you on airfare and other pre-departure items. If you withdraw from the program after your airfare is purchased, you will be responsible for any irrecoverable costs. After July 15, SI will be making housing and other arrangements for you. If you withdraw after this date, you may be responsible for additional expenses that SI cannot recover. Your initial program deposit can be applied to irrecoverable costs.

If you withdraw from the program before a term is completed, SI cannot refund any monies that have been given as a charitable donation. (This includes donations given by your parents.)

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