Earn College Credit

In addition to ministry, academics is another component of the Global Bridge. Participants take online courses and earn college credit through Crown College’s School of Online Studies.

Crown is a fully accredited Christian liberal arts college that is ranked within the nation’s top 15% of colleges by Money Magazine. Crown’s School of Online Studies has been ranked among the nation’s Top Online Programs, and in the Top 10 Online Christian Colleges.

Take three-four classes per semester (9-12 credits). Two required coureses are Cross-cultural Practicum (3 credits, fall) and World Cultures – Guatemala (3 credits, spring).

For your remaining courses, choose from a wide variety of courses from Crown’s online catalog in ministry, business, psychology, theology, global and cultural studies and much more. Those with little or no college background may want to take general education courses like the following, which can easily transfer to other colleges:

The Program Director will work with all Global Bridge students to help them choose courses that meet their academic goals.

All Global Bridge students also take Spanish language classes, which are offered at any level. Students can take CLEP Tests to obtain up to 12 credits that can be transferred to most other colleges.

Academic Expectations

The Global Bridge is a program that combines ministry and academics. All students must take a minimum of 9 college credits per semester in addition to their language schooling. Students must remain in good academic standing throughout the program (including maintaining a GPA above 2.0). An academic advisor from Crown is available to work with students on any difficulties they encounter with their studies. In addition, the Global Bridge Directors will be holding students accountable through regular academic progress updates provided by the students.

Those who do not successfully complete their coursework may be dismissed from the program.

Associate of Arts in General Studies

The Global Bridge offers the students the opportunity to participate in the program for two years, making it possible for them to obtain an Associate of Arts Degree through Crown. If you would like to learn more about this option to earn an affordable AA Degree, contact Darin Mather at dmather@stint.com.

While we hope that students chose to continue their studies at Crown (visit www.crown.edu for a full description of Crown’s online and residential academic offerings), those who wish to transfer to other institutions after the Global Bridge will find that these credits are transferable to almost any college or university in the United States.